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Temperature extremes past 24 hours
Current weather conditions and temperatures Light = day area, dark = night area
Highest World Temperatures of all time
Country Temperature Location Date
USA 56.7 C Death Valley, California 10 July 1913
Tunisia 55.0 C Kebili 7 July 1931
Kuwait 53.6 C Sulaibya 31 July 2012
World Weather Today brings you the world temperature map with the actual world wide temperatures and weather conditions of several major cities and relevant locations. Besides this the extreme temperatures on earth are shown with the hottest and coldest places on earth of the past 24 hours (updated every 15 minutes). We also tweet these temperature extremes twice a day via our Twitter account and Facebook page. So, follow us on Twitter or Facebook if youre interested!

Please note that because unverified automatic readings are used for this service, sometimes erroneous data is shown for a specific location (this can happen if a weather station is out of order).

Minimum World Temperature Last 24h
11/21/2019 at 10:00 UTC

No. Location Temp
1 Dome A (Antarctica) -47.7° C
2 Ekyuchchyu (Russia) -46.2° C
3 Vostok (Antarctica) -45.5° C
4 Eagle (Antarctica) -44.6° C
5 Concordia (Antarctica) -44.5° C
6 Selagoncy (Russia) -42.2° C
7 Dome C Ii (Antarctica) -41.9° C
8 Suhana (Russia) -40° C
9 Chara (Russia) -39.9° C
10 Nera (Russia) -39.9° C
Lowest World Temperatures of all time
Country Temperature Location Date
Antarctica -89.2 C Vostok Station 21 July 1983
Russia -68 C Ojmyakon February 1933
Greenland -66 C Northice January 1954